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According to the International Association of Structural Movers March 2005 publication of Structural Mover,  it was estimated that more than 50,000 structures are moved annually and [that] saves an estimated 5,000,000 cubic yards of landfill space and over 2.5 million trees!  That sounds like a good enough reason alone to move a home!

Read this article from the IDan Dietz at the International Association of House Movers, which we are a member.

"The IASM 's members represent the worlds oldest and largest recycling industry.Since the dawn of time, man has recycled structures.Stone Hedge, The Obelisks and the Pyramids are all recycled structures.Man power, with the aid of rollers and other basics of leverage were utilized to relocate objects and structures of enormous size to remote locations. The earliest record of a house move dates back to 1598 in London England.Little record can be found of other projects until the early nineteenth century.At the start of this century, a gradual change began in moving of buildings.Trucks and tractors began to compete with the horse as the source of tractive power. Man and his muscle, was slowly changed to man as power controller. Armed with an array of machines and power, the structural mover began to move entire cities.The present day structural mover represents an industry which recycles about 50,000 structures annually.

These structures would otherwise be demolished and hauled to landfills.With an average structure consuming about 100 cubic yards of landfill space, 5 million cubic yards of landfill space is saved!

With the average structure using about 5,000 board feet of lumber, and 100 board feet of lumber per tree, about 2,500,000 trees are saved per year through recycling structures.

Rather than being demolished and removed from the tax rolls, the average structure recycled is sold to first time home buyers. Because many recycled houses are available at below normal market costs, many of the buyers are able to build a 'sweat equity' by refurbishing these structures themselves."

written by
Dan Deitz
IASM Structural Moving Magazine April 2001

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