Goodwin House Moving - Raising Checklist

Raising a home can be just as difficult as moving one. 
We've provided a checklist to help guide you when preparing for a house raise:

Permits and Paperwork
_____ Sign contract with Goodwin House Moving and mail with acceptance money

_____ Purchase City building permit

_____ Check City zoning regulations and lot position

_____ Call "One Call" for buried lines
            IA: 800-292-8989     IL: 800-892-0123     MO: 800-DIG-RITE

_____ Cement contractors should be ready to start after we have completed the raise

_____ Payment is due in full upon completion of job

Getting Your House or Building Ready to Raise
_____ Disconnect plumbing, gas, electrical wiring and utility wiring, such as cable and/or satellite

_____ Disconnect water heater, furnace, duct work and remove from basement

_____ Disconnect and remove air conditioner

_____ Remove everything below floor joists from basement - including non-bearing walls

_____ Remove garage, decks, sheds and porch(s) if required

_____ Remove chimney

_____ Have solid corrugated plastic pipe ready to put on down spouts

_____ Read back of proposal for complete list of owner responsibilities

_____ Remove axles, hitches and tie downs

_____ Remove skirting

Foundation Preparation
_____ Install permanent beam knockouts where needed

_____ Install temporary blockouts per Goodwin House Moving instructions

_____ Cut off anchor bolts flush with sill

_____ Have sill sealer ready to install around perimeter of foundation

_____ Make basement 1 to 1½  inches smaller overall than the dimensions of the house so that sill hangs over foundation ½" to ¾"

_____ Make sure pier pads or footers are in place

Raise Day
_____ Come with camera, video camera and lawn chairs 

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