Goodwin House Moving - Moving Checklist

There is a lot that goes in to moving a home.  We've provided a checklist that can be used as a guideline in preparing or actually moving a structure:

Permits and Paperwork

 ___   Purchase city building or moving permits

 ___   Check city zoning regulations and lot position

 ___   Get third party approval to move obstacles

 ___   Get third party approval to move building off land

 ___   Get third party approval in writing to cross land

 ___   Contact wire and sign crews with advance notice

 ___   Sign contract with Goodwin House Moving and mail with acceptance money

 ___   Payment is due in full upon completion of job

Getting your House or Building Ready to Move

 ___   Remove skirting

 ___   Disconnect water, sewer and utilities

 ___   Disconnect heater, ducting and wiring

 ___   Remove chimney

 ___   Remove everything below floor joists from basement

 ___   Remove decks, sheds or additions

 ___   Disconnect and remove air conditioner

 ___   Remove axles, hitches and tie-downs

 ___   Read back of proposal for complete list of owner responsibilities

Route Preparation

___   Trim trees and bushes along route

___   Check which utility owns overhead power lines

___   Get written permission for right-of-way over third party's land

New Site Preparation

___   Make approach 10 foot wider than house into site

___   Back fill concrete basement completely to virgin ground

___   Back fill corners of wood basement

___   Install beam knockouts where needed

___   Cut off anchor bolts flush with sill

___   Have sill sealer ready to install around perimeter of foundation

___   Completed foundation with floor

___   Make basement 1 1/2 inches smaller overall than the dimensions of the house

Move Day

___   Come with camera, video camera and lawn chairs

This can seem like a lot of information and may be a little confusing.  If you have any questions about anything feel free to call us anytime (319-653-5644) or send us an email.

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