Here are some frequently asked questions

Do I have to move everything out of my house before it is moved?
No, however you may want to lay down anything that is tipsy inside the house, as a precautionary. We do have the equipment to slightly lean away from obstacles such as mail boxes, signs, bridges…

How much does it cost?
By giving us a few quick answers, (such as filling out the estimates page,) we could give you a ball park amount. The type and size of the house, how far it will be moved, all make a difference on the cost.

Do you have to remove the chimney or fire place?
No, but it will incur more cost to move. To save money, for a chimney not in use it may be best to just removed it.

How far from home do you work?
We travel in all of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

How much damage is expected from the move of a house?
  • Sometimes small hair line cracks can appear above big door ways, or around big windows.
  • Overall the house will arrive to its new destination in good shape.
  • More can be explained during a consultation.


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